Soldier Combat Skills

Glossary – Terms

arroyo – steep-walled, eroded valley; same as ‘wadi’

camouflage – protection from identification concealment protection from observation only

cover – protection from weapons fire, explosions, fragments, flames, CBRN effects, and observation

flag – to allow a weapon to extend beyond the corner of a building

gebel – mountain or mountain range

indicator – information, needed by the commander to make decisions,on the intention or capability of a potential enemy

mirage – an optical phenomenon caused by the refraction of light through heated air rising from a sandy or stony surface

nipa palm – a creeping, semiaquatic palm whose sap is a source of nipa fruit and of sugar, whose seeds are edible, and whose long, strong leaves are used in thatching and basketry

overhead cover – protects Soldier from indirect fire

parapet – enables Soldier to engage enemy within assigned sector of fire while protecting the soldier from direct fire pie-ing aiming a weapon beyond the corner of a building in the direction of travel, without allowing the weapon to extend beyond the corner, and then side-stepping around the corner in a circular fashion with the muzzle of the weapon as the pivot point

sago palm – a tall palm with long leaves that curved backward, inward, or downward, and whose porous trunk is ground and used to thicken foods and stiffen textiles savanna a temperate grassland with scattered trees skirmisher’s trench a shallow ditch used as a hasty fighting position spoil excavated earth

toxic industrial (TIMs) – includes toxic materials industrial chemical, biological, and radioactive materials; are produced to prescribed toxicity levels; are administered through inhalation (mostly), ingestion, or absorption; may be stored or used in any environment for any tactical purpose–medical, industrial, commercial, military, or domestic. MOPP gear may or may not protectagainst TIMs.

wadi – steep-walled, eroded valley; same as ‘arroyo’

warrior ethos – four items extracted from the middle of the Soldier’s Creed:
1. I will always place the mission first.
2. I will never accept defeat
3. I will never quit
4. I will never leave a fallen comrade.

wind chill – the effect of moving air on exposed flesh

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