Soldier Combat Skills

Glossary – Acronyms and Abbreviations

1SG first sergeant

AAR after-action review
AC alternating current
ACADA automatic chemical agent decontaminating apparatus
ACH advanced combat helmet
ACS Army community service
ACU Army combat uniforms
AMAT anti-materiel
ANCD automated net control device
AO area of operation
AP antipersonnel
APOBS Antipersonnel Obstacle Breaching System
ARNG Army National Guard
ARNGUS Army National Guard of the United States
ASIP advanced system improvement program
AT antitank
ATNAA antidote treatment, nerve agent, auto injector

BDM bunker defeat munition
BDO battle dress overgarment
BIS backup iron sight
BLISS blend, low, silhouette, irregular, shape, small, secluded location
BVO black vinyl overshoe

C Celsius (degrees)
CANA convulsant antidote for nerve agents
C-A-T combat application tourniquet
CB chemical and biological
CBRN chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear
CCIR commander’s critical information requirements
CCM close combat missiles
CCO close combat optic
CED captured enemy document
CEE captured enemy equipment
CLP cleaner lubricant preservative
CLU command launch unit
COMSEC communications security
CPFC chemical protective footwear cover
CPHC chemical protective helmet cover
CS confined space
CW chemical warfare
CVC combat vehicle crew

DAP decontamination apparatus portable
DED detailed equipment decontamination
DEERS Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
DEET N-diethyl-m-toluamide det detonator
DOD Department of Defense
DPRE displaced persons, refugees, or evacuees
DTD detailed troop decontamination

EEFI essential elements of friendly information
EEI essential elements of information
EMP electromagnetic pulse
EOD explosive ordnance disposal
EPA evasion plan of action
EPW enemy prisoner of war
ES2 ‘Every Soldier is a Sensor’ concept

F Fahrenheit (degrees)
FASCAM family of scatterable mines
FOUO for official use only
FOV field of view
FP force protection
FPL final protective line
FSG family support group

G-2 assistant chief of staff for intelligence
GPFU gas particulate filter unit
GVO green vinyl overshoe

HE high explosive
HEAT high explosive antitank
HEDP high-explosive dual purpose
HP high penetration
HUMINT human intelligence
HWTS heavy weapon thermal sight

IAW in accordance with
IBA interceptor body armor
ICAM improved chemical agent monitor
ID identification
IED improvised explosive device
IFAK improved first-aid kit
IHFR improved high frequency radio
IMT individual movement technique
IR infrared

JSLIST joint service lightweight integrated suit technology

kph kilometer per hour

LAW light antiarmor weapon
lb pound
LWTS light weapon thermal sight

m meter
max maximum
MBITR multiband intrateam radio
MDI modernized demolition initiator
MEL maximum engagement line
METT-TC mission, enemy, terrain, troops,
and equipment, time available, and
civil considerations
MHz megahertz
mm millimeter
MOLLE modular lightweight load- carrying
MOPMS Modular Pack Mine System
MOPP mission-oriented protective posture
MOS military occupational specialty
MPH miles per hour
MTF medical treatment facility
MULO multipurpose vinyl overshoe
MWTS medium weapon thermal sight

NAAK nerve agent antidote kit
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC nuclear, biological, chemical (obsolete; see CBRN)
NCO noncommissioned officer
NSN national stock number
NVD night vision device
NVG night vision goggles

OD olive drab
OHC overhead cover
OOTW operations other than war
OP observation post
OPORD operation order
OPSEC operations security
OTV outer tactical vest

PATRIOT phased array, tracking radar
intercept on target
PDF principal direction of fire
PIR priority intelligence requirement
POW prisoner of war

RCU radio control unit
RDD radiological dispersal device
RF radio frequency
ROE Rules of Engagement
RP reference point
RS reduced sensitivity
RTU receiver transmitter unit

S-2 battalion/brigade intelligence officer
SABA self-aid/buddy-aid
SALUTE size, activity, location, uniform, time, and equipment
SATCOM single-channel tactical satellite communications
SAW squad automatic weapon
SCPE simplified collective protection equipment
SDS Sorbent Decontamination System
SERE survival, evasion, resistance, and escape
SGLI Soldier’s Group Life Insurance
SINCGARS Single-Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System
SIP system improvement program
SLLS stop, look, listen, smell
SLM shoulder-launched munition
SMAW-D shoulder-launched, multipurpose,
assault- weapon disposable
SOI signal operating instructions
SOP standing operating procedures
SRTA short-range training ammunition

TIB toxic industrial biological
TIC toxic industrial chemical
TIM toxic industrial material
TIR toxic industrial radiological
TM technical manual
TOW tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided
TP training practice
TRP target reference point
TWS thermal weapon sight

US United States
USAIS United States Army InfantrySchool
USAR United States Army Reserve
UXO unexploded ordnance

WBD warrior battle drill
WFOV wide field of view
WP white phosphorous
WRP weapon reference point

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