Soldier Combat Skills

Chapter 5-2 – Concealment

Concealment is anything that hides you from enemy observation (Figure 5-6). Concealment does not protect you from enemy fire. Do not think that you are protected from the enemy’s fire just, because you are concealed. Concealment, like cover, can also be natural or Soldier made. (Chapter 6 discusses techniques for concealing fighting positions.)


5-6. Natural concealment includes bushes, grass, and shadows. If possible, natural concealment should not be disturbed. Man-made concealment includes Army combat uniforms (ACUs), camouflage nets, face paint, and natural materials that have been moved from their original location. Man-made concealment must blend into natural concealment provided by the terrain.


5-7. Light, noise, and movement discipline, and the use of camouflage, contributes to concealment. Light discipline is controlling the use of lights at night by such things as not smoking in the open, not walking around with a flashlight on, and not using vehicle headlights. Noise discipline is taking action to deflect sounds generated by your unit (such as operating equipment) away from the enemy and, when possible, using methods to communicate that do not generate sounds (arm-and-hand signals). Movement discipline includes not moving about fighting positions unless necessary and not moving on routes that lack cover and concealment. In the defense, build a well-camouflaged fighting position and avoid moving about. In the offense, conceal yourself and your equipment with camouflage, and move in woods or on terrain that gives concealment. Darkness cannot hide you from enemy observation in either offense or defense situations. The enemy’s night vision devices (NVD) and other detection means allow them to find you in both daylight and darkness.

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  • Mike

    This is awsome: Read the seoictn on the M249 squad automatic weapon. Even the army knows soldiers have no trigger controle> If you have to use an M249 in this situation, the marine corps has a little diddy you would say to achieve the propper 5-7 round burst. Squeze the trigger and screem Die muther fucker Die! and there you go. You’ll have a propper 5-7 round burst and save ammo all at the same time.

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