Soldier Combat Skills

Chapter 3 – Combat Care and Preventive Medicine

Chapter 3

Combat Casualty Care and Preventive Medicine

Combat casualty care is the treatment administered to a wounded Soldier after he has been moved out of an engagement area or the enemy has been suppressed. This level of care can help save life and limb until medical personnel arrive. Soldiers might have to depend upon their own first-aid knowledge and skills to save themselves (self-aid) or another Soldier (buddy aid or combat lifesaver skills). This knowledge and training can possibly save a life, prevent permanent disability, or reduce long periods of hospitalization. The only requirement is to know what to do–and what not to do–in certain instances.

Personal hygiene and preventive medicine are simple, common-sense measures that each Soldier can perform to protect his health and that of others. Taking these measures can greatly reduce time lost due to disease and nonbattle injury.

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