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Army transforms recruit training

Like the times, the Army is changing and it’s starting from the ground up with Basic Combat Training. The transformation went into effect July 1, as the standard for training future Soldiers.

First, United States Training and Doctrine Command public affairs wanted to dispel any rumors the training has become “softer.” In a press release they stated with an extra week of training, the warrior tasks and battle drills have been refined and are now geared toward training fewer and more relevant tasks, well.

“It’s not soft. It’s just different and the physical training has become a lot more regimented and more battle-focused. It’s focused on training more people to achieve that initial basic training standard while mitigating injuries,” explained Capt. Kyle Lippold, commander of G Battery, 1st Battalion, 79th Field Artillery.

On Aug. 4, his Soldiers trained at the 25-meter rifle range in their third week of BCT. As they went through basic rifle marksmanship, the most noticeable difference was the lack of kevlars and other familiar gear. The trainees were firing “slick” or in ACUs. (continue reading…)

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The Army’s foundational building blocks of Soldier skills

The line comes right after the Warrior Ethos in the Soldier’s Creed: “I am disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained and proficient in my warrior tasks and drills.”

In the very first days of basic training, Soldiers begin reciting these words, among the core tenets of what it means to be an American Soldier. Yet, despite being regarded as fundamental knowledge, most Soldiers couldn’t explain what those “warrior tasks and drills” were – even at a conference organized last year specifically to discuss them, said Col. Craig Currey, former director of the Training Support and Schools Directorate at the Basic Training Center of Excellence, Fort Jackson, S.C.

“We asked Soldiers if they could define and tell what the Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills were. Everybody looked around the room; nobody could even come close,” he said. (continue reading…)

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